I-Chun Fan, LMT


I-Chun has over 15,000 hands on hours working with clients from Washington and Indiana since 2011. She specializes in injury rehabilitation, deep tissue, structural integration, sports massage and pregnancy massage. These massage sessions are both specific and flowing. Her goal is to treat the person as a whole in mind, body, and spirit. She designs her sessions according to the clients specific needs and brings the the body back to balance.

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Shannon Hanes – LMT Massage Therapist

Shannon Hanes a graduate of Fort Wayne Massage Institute, is a state board certified, and licensed Massage Therapist.
Shannon, a giver by nature,  has always felt a need and a passion for helping others.
When she was a child she discovered that she had a natural predilection for finding and easing pain with her hands. This, combined with her fun yet professional demeanor, makes her the perfect addition to our team.

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Angie has trained extensively in the field of Myofascial Release and spent 25+ years practicing in a physical therapy setting. During that time, she pursued her massage therapy license so she could offer this beneficial modality outside of a clinical setting. Through MFR, Angie addresses postural misalignment and tissue tightness that can contribute to sometimes unexplained pain. She will customize each treatment session based on your individual needs.

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Jennifer has enjoyed being an Esthetician for the past 7 years. She is a true believer in the phrase, “It’s never too late to follow your dreams & passions.” At 42, Jennifer entered Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture which was fully funded by The Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin as is her heritage. This was a tremendous opportunity for her to spread her wings and follow her passion to help others feel & look better through the gift of touch. She also loves using the fundamentals of good skin care products and regimen. “It’s more than just rubbing someone’s muscles to help them de-stress. It’s finding that connection with clients through hearing their heart and story. When I find that connection between their life story and mine, it becomes personable. I hope they feel that I genuinely care and try to make the most of each session. Now, not everybody likes to talk during their session and I respect that. My intention is to make them feel like they are the only person in the world that matters at that moment. I’m so grateful for the clients that I now call friends. ”Being an Esthetician allows so much opportunity to practice an array of services from Facials, massages, and waxing, to Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Derma planning, and so much more. “Meeting I-Chun has been a huge blessing which will allow me to spread my wings and dream bigger. I’m so thankful to have an opportunity to work with such a big hearted, talented, and caring person. What does the future hold for me and our spa? I can hardly wait.” Jennifer’s hobbies include making and selling crafts & jewelry, walking/hiking with friends and family, dancing, working out, purging clutter, and tending to her flowers. She especially enjoys trips to Tennessee and riding the Harley with the man of her dreams– 31 years and counting. She is blessed with a beautiful 20yr old daughter who is an incredible artist & human being. She is also very proud of her 24yr old son who is a Marine and a new father. He is married to his beautiful wife, which in turn, blessed her with a beautiful granddaughter that she absolutely loves and adores.

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Kathy Ngo – Licensed Massage Therapist

Through years of hardships finding fulfillment, Kathy graduated from Indiana Wellness College where she found her love and passion for massage. She has an extensive interest of mastering new techniques to better her knowledge to offer a more diverse experience for her clients. Kathy’s passion is fueled by her desire to encourage and be an advocate for personal well-being. She loves being by the beach, traveling, and spending quality time with her loved ones.

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